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Themeability is the path to dark mode

When the design systems team at GitHub implemented their colour system in 2017 they were working with Sass, trying to wrangle thousands of disconnected colour values into something more manageable to use. Now they're revisiting colour again, but this time with new tools, new customer goals, and more experience. In the age of dark mode, can what they've learned from CSS-in-JS and component APIs help them in their approach to color themeability? In this talk Diana covers lessons in color systems, theming APIs, and a bit of color theory along the way.

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Photo of Diana Mounter

Diana Mounter

Diana manages the design infrastructure team at GitHub, and leads the direction of their open-source design system, Primer. She organises the NYC chapter of the Design Systems Coalition, coauthored the Design Systems Handbook, and speaks internationally at conferences such as Clarity and CSS Conf AU.

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