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Reactronica: Music as a Function of State

React treats UI as a function of state. What if React’s declarative programming model could be applied to music as well? Reactronica aims to treat music as a function of state, rendering sound rather than UI (Using ToneJS). Some possibilities of this library will be showcased, including a piano sequencer and ukulele tab editor. Most ambitious is a (very) early prototype of a browser based Digital Audio Workstation. The presentation will go through the inner workings of the library, emphasising its use of Hooks and Context.

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Photo of Kaho Cheung

Kaho Cheung

Kaho Cheung is the Technical Lead at the State Library of NSW's DX Lab - a research and innovation group within the Library's digital division. He's a trained designer and touring musician. He releases electronic music as Unkle Ho and is a member of the Australian hip hop collective The Herd.

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