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Photo of Selena Small

Selena Small

Selena is a full-stack developer at Fresho in Melbourne. As a self-taught coder arriving late to the software industry, she's driven and passionate about picking up new skills and TDD. She finds pairing to be the fastest way to achieve results. In her spare time, she is a professional kickboxer.


10 x your teamwork through pair programming

Selena and Michael take you on a roller coaster journey of getting into and getting the most out of pair programming. Live on stage trying to deliver a feature whilst coding in React, they'll be acting out the highs and lows, do's and don'ts of collaboration through pair programming. Two keyboards, one computer, writing code and reaching maximum capacity. There will be tears and laughter and everyone will come away with a solid set of steps to get started in, or take your pairing to the next level.

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