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Photo of James Dooley

James Dooley

James is a senior software engineer at BBC News Labs. He finds energy crafting new audience experiences, like hacking away at conversational bots, voice-experiences for Amazon Alexa and speech-to-text tools. He also likes to pet dogs, climb rocks and eat incredibly spicy food.


(Proto)typing innovation in BBC News

BBC News Labs explore, prototype and incubate new ways to tell stories, reach audiences and create cutting edge journalism. James will demonstrate how his team made transcribing interviews - something journalists spend hours every day doing - faster, easier, and data-rich by creating an interactive, time-encoded text editor with Draft.js. By making it an open-source component library, BBC managed to add this functionality and productivity to many other tools, both in the BBC and outside - empowering other newsrooms to innovate in their own spaces.

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