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Photo of Jake Moxey

Jake Moxey

Jake is a frontend engineer at Medipass, a health claiming and payments platform. He is keen on contributing to open source React tooling to assist with creating flawless user experiences whilst also keeping developer experience in mind.


Take a load off with React

When designing asynchronous operations in a React application (such as data fetching), it's easy to overlook the confusing and inconsistent user experience it can result in. The following issues can arise:

  • Managing promise states manually can be harmful to the user's experience.
  • Visibly reloading data that has already been seen by the user.
  • Loading spinners can appear for microseconds before resolving content.

In an ever-present battle for our user's attention, details matter. Any combination of the above issues can lead to quite a jarring experience, so what can we do about it?

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