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Photo of Cathy Lill

Cathy Lill

Cathy is a Principal Software Engineer and team leader at CSIRO's Data61, delivering CSIRO science and innovation to a global audience. She has architected responsive, component driven front ends for major news networks, built interactive design and WebRTC apps and is the co-founder of the NewcastleJS javascript meetup.


Senior to leader: Taking the next step

The path to senior, cross disciplinary, technical leadership can be difficult to navigate as a front end specialist. Will my skills be valued? Will I be considered “technical enough”? Do senior leaders understand my technical background? The work you do as a front end developer is already building crucial skills that will equip you for your first technical leadership role and beyond. This talk will help you to recognise and foster the skills that will launch the next phase of your career and make you a more effective developer today.

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