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Convince your boss!

How to convince your boss to cover your ReactConf AU ticket

Why send your team to ReactConf AU

27 & 28 February 2020

Jones Bay Wharf, Pyrmont NSW

ReactConf AU is a two day conference happening in Sydney at the end of February.

It’s the largest gathering of React web developers to ever take place in the southern hemisphere.

The ReactConf AU speakers are from some of the world’s most influential tech companies including Netflix, Wix, GitHub, BBC and Deloitte.

These leaders, developers and designers, from across the country and globe, will inspire and teach your staff in an encouraging environment that is all about professional development.

Indeed, at ReactConf AU, your staff will learn real, practical and performance skills they can bring back to your organisation, products and workflows.

It is wise to ensure your employees have access to the React web developer community because it might just be the most supportive professional network in Australia. That’s not hyperbole. The React community genuinely cares about sharing skills and knowledge. They have a strong culture of helping others in their profession, no matter their career level.

This conference is a training and professional development no-brainer!

A $990 ticket covers:

  • Two days of conference talks and sessions from diverse industry leaders with some of the most renowned technical, web development and design skill
  • Coffee and catering - to keep those brains switched on
  • Live captioning for the hearing imparied
  • A social event on the Thursday evening to maximise networking
  • Access to what might just be the most supportive professional community in Australia

Send the team and they will return to work on Monday brimming with fresh skills and new solutions.

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